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PrettyCompilerControl Fields

The fields of the PrettyCompilerControl class are listed below. For a complete list of PrettyCompilerControl class members, see the PrettyCompilerControl Members topic.

Public Static Fields

CompilableFileName Many SharpDevelop.Dom methods take a file name, which is really just a unique identifier for a file - Dom methods don't try to access code files on disk, so the file does not have to exist. SharpDevelop itself uses internal names of the kind "[randomId]/Class1.cs" to support code-completion in unsaved files.

Public Instance Fields


Explicit Interface Implementations

IContainerControl.ActivateControl (inherited from ContainerControl)Activates the specified control.
IDropTarget.OnDragDrop (inherited from Control)Raises the DragDrop event.
IDropTarget.OnDragEnter (inherited from Control)Raises the DragEnter event.
IDropTarget.OnDragLeave (inherited from Control)Raises the DragLeave event.
IDropTarget.OnDragOver (inherited from Control)Raises the DragOver event.

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