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DarkWynterEngine Fields

The fields of the DarkWynterEngine class are listed below. For a complete list of DarkWynterEngine class members, see the DarkWynterEngine Members topic.

Public Static Fields

gameControllers Game Controller
HUD Main User's Heads Up Display
majikWand Terrain Mod Singleton
menuControllers Menu Controller
objectLibrary A scenegraph/collections class, contains all GameObject instants

Public Instance Fields

fps FPS - Frames Per Second
graphics (inherited from GameControl) 

Protected Instance Fields

collision Handles collision detection.
gameObjectTypes List of user-defined game objects
menuSystem Menu System Componenets
renderer Renders the scene once for each viewport.

Explicit Interface Implementations

IContainerControl.ActivateControl (inherited from ContainerControl)Activates the specified control.
IDropTarget.OnDragDrop (inherited from Control)Raises the DragDrop event.
IDropTarget.OnDragEnter (inherited from Control)Raises the DragEnter event.
IDropTarget.OnDragLeave (inherited from Control)Raises the DragLeave event.
IDropTarget.OnDragOver (inherited from Control)Raises the DragOver event.

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