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GameObject Fields

The fields of the GameObject class are listed below. For a complete list of GameObject class members, see the GameObject Members topic.

Public Instance Fields

animator Model animator
collisionMultiplier Defines the scale of damage or health an object bestows.
collisionWithPlayerResponse Defines what kind of collision response this GameObject should have.
combinedNormalForce Used in collision; combined velocity and totalForce normal calculation.
combinedTangentialForce Used in collision; combined velocity and totalForce tangential calculation.
controllerIndex Index to the game controller associated with this object
currentAnimation Animation currently running
die Die animation
gravityNormalComponent Used in collision; gravity normal calculation.
gravityTangentialComponent Used in collision; tangential gravity-force calculation.
heightDifference Difference between object height and terrain at it's x/z location. HeightDifference is positive when object is below the terrain.
idle Idle animation
jump 3D Cue used with jump sound.
localTerrainHeight Terrain height at object's x/z location.
modelAnimated Game Object animated or not
normalComponent Normal component of force calculations.
staticObjectValues Used to pass static instance data to shader (for static objects)
surfaceNormal Used in collision; surface normal calculation.
tangentialComponent Tangential component of force calculations.
totalForceNormalComponent Used in collision; normal totalForce calculation.
totalForceTangentialComponent Used in collision; tangential totalForce calculation.
velocityNormalComponent Used in collision; normal velocity-force calculation.
velocityTangentialComponent Used in collision; tangential velocity-force calculation.
walk Walk animation

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