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Statics_Engine.GameSettings Members

Statics_Engine.GameSettings overview

Public Static Fields

accelDueToGravity Vector force of gravity
BombCurrentPosition G2L position for the bombs
botCount Number of bots
collisionSearchArea Search radius for collision checking (obsolete)
currentChallengeNumber G2L current Challenge index
DEFAULT_NUMBER_OF_PLAYERS Default number of players
drawSearchArea Drawing radius (obsolete)
gameType Current game type
gravityForce Single downward component of gravity
HEALTH_BOOST_FOR_KEY Health gain for collecting a key
isProblemFinished G2L switch to control problem state
LoadLevel Set to true when after Load Screen is drawn to trigger Level Loading
MAX_LEVELS Maximum number of levels
MAX_NUMBER_OF_PLAYERS Maximum number of players supported
maxNumberOfKills Maximum number of kills based on the current game type
MIN_NUMBER_OF_PLAYERS Minimum number of players to run the game
NUMBER_OF_PLAYERS_PER_TEAM Number of players per team
numberOfHumansActive Number of humans
PARTICLE_SOUND_TIME_LIMIT Maximum time to play the sound for a particle (millisec)
RESPAWN_DELAY Milliseconds before the player spawns again
scoringMetric G2L scoring metric
sMColumns Scoring metric problem index
sMRows Scoring metric tries index
STORYMODE_NUM_KEYS_TO_COLLECT Number of keys to collect inorder to progress to the next stage in story mode
triesNumber G2L tracking number of tries for exp purposes

Public Static Methods

TotalScore Adds th total score for the player

Public Instance Methods

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