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Statics_Engine.PlayerSettings Fields

The fields of the Statics_Engine.PlayerSettings structure are listed below. For a complete list of Statics_Engine.PlayerSettings structure members, see the Statics_Engine.PlayerSettings Members topic.

Public Static Fields

AREA_HEALTH_LOSS Health loss from an AOE (Area Of Effect) attact
ATTACK_MANNA_COST Cost in manna for using an attack
coinsCollected G2L Number of coins collected
currentPlayerIndex Current player's index
DEFAULT_PLAYER_HEIGHT Default player height above the terrain (based on model properties)
DIRECT_ATTACK_FORCE Force applied to the particle initially
DIRECT_HEALTH_LOSS Health loss from a direct hit
doResetText Reset Text for G2L stuff
ENEMY_MARKER_MAX_DISTANCE Maximum distance beyond which the enemy marker is not drawn
ENEMY_MARKER_MIN_DISTANCE Minimum distance at which the enemy marker is drawn
ENERGY_BEAM_MANNA_COST Cost of using the energy beam
EXPEL_HEALTH_LOSS Health loss given to other player
FALLING_HEALTH_LOSS Health loss from hitting the ground too hard
HOVER_SPEED Rate of movement in Hover mode
IN_AIR_JUMP_CONSTANT Amount of upward force for an in-air jump..change before turnin
JUMP_CONSTANT Amount of upward force for a jump
JUMP_MANNA_COST Cost in manna for jumping
lastSpawnPoint Last Player Spawn Position
MANNA_INCREMENT_RATE Governs how fast manna regenerates in milliseconds (lower = faster)
MAX_HOVER_SPEED Maximum speed in Hover mode
MAX_SENSOR_DISTANCE Maximum distance between player and sensor
MAX_VELOCITY Maximum achievable velocity by a player
PARTICLE_ABSORB_MANNA_GAIN Manna gain received from a particle
PARTICLE_START_DISTANCE Distance from player at which the particle is spawned
PLAYER_ABSORB_HEALTH_GAIN Health gain received from another player
playerLookVector Current player's look at vector
playerPosition Current player's position
playerRotation Current player's orientation
playerThatPaused Index of the player who paused the game
previousPosition Previous Player Position
RATE_OF_FIRE Miliseconds before allowing another automatic shot to be fired eg: 1000 = 1 sec
SHIELD_MANNA_COST Cost in manna for shielding an attack
SHIELD_MANNA_GAIN Manna gain for properly shielding an attack
SPAWN_DONE_DELAY Milliseconds before the player is done spawning (invincible before then)
spawnPosYStorage Hold the y position for use in resetting spawn point
studentIDNumber G2L particpant number for the study
studentMessage Used for student messages from the compiler to the hud
TERRAIN_MOD_RANGE Default maximum distance at which terrain mod is possible
WALK_SPEED Rate of movement in Walk mode

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