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Statics_Engine.SystemSettings Fields

The fields of the Statics_Engine.SystemSettings structure are listed below. For a complete list of Statics_Engine.SystemSettings structure members, see the Statics_Engine.SystemSettings Members topic.

Public Static Fields

ANTI_BURN_TIMER Time of inactivity after which the anti-burn screen saver activates (millisecs)
content Content Manager
dt Change in time between frames
elementalGameTime Total GameTime Elapsed
enableCompilerConsole Turns the Compiler console application on/off
enableFPSDisplay Turn Frames Per Second Counter On
enableShadowMap1 Shadow Mapping for light source 1 enabled/disabled
enableShadowMap2 Shadow mapping for light source 2 enabled/disabled
enableTerrainBumpMapping Terrain bump mapping enabled/disabled
enableTerrainMultiTexturing Terrain multi-texturing enabled/disabled
gameState Current Engine Execution Mode
music Music enabled/disabled
numberOfTerrainTextures Number of textures to use for multi-texturing
screenSaverTimer Screen Saver
singleLightSource Single light source only enabled/disabled
soundFX Sound effects enabled/disabled
TOTAL_PLAYERS Count of players currently connected
WINDOW_IN_FOCUS Window in focus
WINDOW_RESET Set true to commit focus change event

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