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Engine Builds

EleMental: The Recurrence (serious game) build (10/24/09):
  • EleMental: The Recurrence Lite Build. Does not include DirectX SDK, Visual
    Studios 2005, or XNA. To run this version, you must have all three installed already.
  • EleMental: The Recurrence Full Build. Iincludes DirectX SDK, Visual Studios 2005,
    and XNA, however, we make no claims of those installers functioning correctly. We
    strongly suggest that you download the installs from Microsoft and then install the Lite
    version of the game.

Current FPS game build (7/6/07):

Previous releases:

Installation and Requirements

To run the game you will need:

System Requirements:

  • PCI Express graphics card that supports Shader Model 3 (NVidia 6800 or ATI R5xx)
  • 1 gig RAM
  • 2.13 GHz CPU
  • DirectX 9
  • 1 gig free Hard Drive space
  • Works best on a wide screen monitor (1280 by 1024)