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Player Fields

The fields of the Player class are listed below. For a complete list of Player class members, see the Player Members topic.

Public Instance Fields

_destination (inherited from GameObject) 
_spawnPosition Respawn position
animator (inherited from GameObject) Model animator
attackMagnitude Mass value of attack
collisionMultiplier (inherited from GameObject) Defines the scale of damage or health an object bestows.
collisionWithPlayerResponse (inherited from GameObject) Defines what kind of collision response this GameObject should have.
combinedNormalForce (inherited from GameObject) Used in collision; combined velocity and totalForce normal calculation.
combinedTangentialForce (inherited from GameObject) Used in collision; combined velocity and totalForce tangential calculation.
controllerIndex (inherited from GameObject) Index to the game controller associated with this object
controlsInverted Invert controller
currentAnimation (inherited from GameObject) Animation currently running
destinationReached (inherited from GameObject) 
die (inherited from GameObject) Die animation
drawShield Draw object to use for drawing the shield
fpvEnabled First person view enabled/disabled
gravityNormalComponent (inherited from GameObject) Used in collision; gravity normal calculation.
gravityTangentialComponent (inherited from GameObject) Used in collision; tangential gravity-force calculation.
health Player health
heightDifference (inherited from GameObject) Difference between object height and terrain at it's x/z location. HeightDifference is positive when object is below the terrain.
holdingObject GameObject the player is holding, if it has picked one up
idle (inherited from GameObject) Idle animation
jump (inherited from GameObject) 3D Cue used with jump sound.
killedBy ID of player who killed this player
kills Kill count
localTerrainHeight (inherited from GameObject) Terrain height at object's x/z location.
lookAtPoint Target point
manna Player manna
modelAnimated (inherited from GameObject) Game Object animated or not
normalComponent (inherited from GameObject) Normal component of force calculations.
numberOfKeysFound Number of keys collected
playerIndex Player ID
respawnTimer Timer before the player is respawned
staticObjectValues (inherited from GameObject) Used to pass static instance data to shader (for static objects)
stopRumble Stop rumble on the controller
surfaceNormal (inherited from GameObject) Used in collision; surface normal calculation.
tangentialComponent (inherited from GameObject) Tangential component of force calculations.
targetObject Type of the targeted object
terrainModEnabled Player using terrainMod
terrainModTarget Terrain Mod target location
terrainTime Time to do the terrain modifications
totalForceNormalComponent (inherited from GameObject) Used in collision; normal totalForce calculation.
totalForceTangentialComponent (inherited from GameObject) Used in collision; tangential totalForce calculation.
velocityNormalComponent (inherited from GameObject) Used in collision; normal velocity-force calculation.
velocityTangentialComponent (inherited from GameObject) Used in collision; tangential velocity-force calculation.
walk (inherited from GameObject) Walk animation

Protected Instance Fields

attackAmount Attack amount +ve = player is attacking, -ve = player is defending and 0 = doing nothing
attackTemperature Thermal value of attack
damageIndicator Indicates if Human was hurt
hitWhere List of where the player has been hit
keyIndicator Indicates if Human picked up a key
killInfo Index of killing player
killingParticle Particle which killed the player
lastModeSelected Last Attack mode selected
mannaIndicator Indicates if Human gained/lost manna

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