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DarkWynter.Engine.GameObjects Namespace

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Class Description
AI Bots
GameObject Methods of GameObject follow the GameFlow pattern to ensure quick and efficient loading and unloading procedures. Additional properties are included in GameObject and are used by Renderer and Update to manipulate the GameObject. Each object specifies its draw and update procedures internally and is passed to Physics for in game motion and rotation.
GameObjectTypes User-Defined types can be added to the engine by inheriting from GameObjectTypes and overloading it's CreateGameobjectType method. This method must create a new GameObject and assign it to the incoming GameObject. Creation of the GameObject by the overloaded User-Defined class should use a case statement to decide what kind of GameObject to create based on the Xml-based "type" parameter.
Player Base class for Human and AI
Terrain Basic Terrain Object


Interface Description


Structure Description
Hit Player Is Hit...


Enumeration Description
GameObject.GridType Defines the coordinate system the object is working in.