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A flexible utility knife for artists and technical professionals.


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Darkwynter provides open-source tools for academic graphics applications.

The DarkWynter engine is designed for students, researchers, and industry personnel interested in rapidly prototyping 3D applications. It has been constructed in response to the community's need for a light-weight modular system which can support a variety of research and educational requirements. We provide the flexibility and horsepower necessary to generate 3D applications within the 3-5 months window students have in the semester.

Our MVC solution to XNA game development handles complex engineering tasks such as controller configuration, physics, and shader rendering. Extending simple override systems to the user make it easy to prototype new technologies quickly. The student or researcher is provided a flexible architecture with default behaviors built-in. The specific area of research can be overridden with minimal support development.

Technology Features

- Terrain modification, Gpu-physics processing, and AI "true-vision" form the basis a next-gen prototyping architecture.
- Preconfigured Xml-based World-objects can be extended programmatically using class and function overrides.
- Level editor includes post-shippable plugin support using .Net UserControl dlls.

- Integrated .Net CodeDOM compiler allows configurable static access to engine for use in-game or to teach CS.
- MenuSystem includes override support for menu backgrounds, navigation options, and sprite animation.
- Controller supports override configurable keys and reactions.

- Content packaging makes deployment via network simple.
- MVC package design makes component redesign simpler.
- Written in C# and HLSL, including the Xna Vector Math and Content Loading libraries.